Catholic Community of the Sonrise Side
Catholic Community of the Sonrise Side
Catholic Community of the Sonrise Side


4:00 pm St. Anne
4:30 pm St. John
8:30 am St. Anne
8:30 am St. Rose
9:00 am St. Bernard
10:30 am St. Mary
11:00 am
St. John

12:00 pm
St. John
12:00 pm St. Bernard
8:00 am
St. Mary
5:15 pm

12:00 pm St. Bernard

12:00 pm St. Anne
(Healing Mass)


First Saturday Mass

9:00 am St. Bernard
(Held the first Sat.
 of the Month)

Exposition & Benediction
9:00 am -
4:00 pm

St. John
(Exposition with simple reposing -                     no Benediction)
1:00 pm -
3:00 pm
St. Anne
(begins after the
12 pm Healing Mass)
4:30 pm -
5:00 pm

St. Mary
11:00 am -
11:45 am

St. Bernard
3:00 pm –
3:45 pm
St. Anne
3:30 pm –
4:15 pm
St. John


*Parish Name Change POSTPONED*
The Councils have decided to postpone the name change of the parish.
See this weekend's bulletin for an article from the Councils.
[Scroll down to find a link to this weekend's bulletin on our home page.]

*Upcoming Lenten Penance Service*

Sunday, March 29th - 2 PM - St. Casimir, Posen

As a cluster of parishes, we seek to be what Jesus wants us to be. We seek to be light for the world and salt of the earth, honoring our Lord’s words as they are recorded in St. Matthew’s Gospel (5:13-16).

Relying upon His redeeming grace, we pursue this calling, and we commit ourselves to helping others so that they too can embrace the Lord’s calling.


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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29 30 31

Upcoming Events............  
  • St. Anne Cinnamon Roll & Bake Sale - March 28


Catholic Community
of Alpena

Adverse Weather /
Snow Day Policy

In the event that Alpena schools are closed due to weather (snow, ice, and even COLD ) . . .

*The school Mass that is at 8:00 am on Wednesdays will be cancelled.

*Faith formation and both junior and senior high youth ministry gatherings are cancelled for that evening.

*The Central Office will open at noon.

*If it happens on a Thursday, Exposition at St. John will begin at Noon (instead of 9:00 AM)

*If it happens on a St. Mary 50/50 Raffle Day (usually the first Friday of the month), the volunteers will not be in to help with the raffle until noon, as well.

*All other Masses will continue as usual
(unless conditions are very poor, in which case, a
cancellation would be announced on local radio

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Catholic Community of the Sonrise Side
The cluster of the Catholic Community of the Sonrise side is made up of five parishes in the Michigan County of Alpena.
Visit our Contact Us page for individual contact information.

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